Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Walk, The Talk... Recent Photos from the DTES

The ideas, the issues, the actors, the users, front line workers, advocates, the developers, the abusers, safe spaces, P3's, deep affordability, at risk, area plans, zones of exclusion, the Tennant's Union, capital incubation, un-ceded, un-reported, under-funded, Tent City, high density, low market value, strata corps, City Hall, start-ups, lock-outs, community consultation, reconciliation, reno-viction, Neighbourhood Watch, B.I.A.'s, Rent-a-Cops, Pigeon Park, Pidgin Restaurant, the slum lords, the social mix, cultural capital, demo-victions, changing demographics, kinship, achieved characteristics, emotional labour, impact assessment, social enterprise, social housing, access, entitlement, poverty tourism... 

Soft Causality



Other Foot


Turning a Corner 


Nobodies (MMIW)

Emotional Labour


Feedback Loop

Lived Experience

Guilty Bystander



Fluid Identities


Zone of Exclusion

Tech Hub (Build to Code)

Absentee Owner

On Location

Fenced In


Waterfront Views

Water Is Life


Crisis? What Crisis?


Hands Free


Peak Vancouver


The Faithful & The Ready

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Amor Vincit Omnia, or not. Words & pictures from the DTES.

It's a place that can be difficult to love and a place that some people love to hate and you may have to look hard and sometimes twice at things you'd rather not look at, but the evidence is everywhere. Despite gentrification, despite the fentanyl crisis, day in, day out, kindness and generosity continue to prevail on the streets of the Downtown Eastside. Some days it doesn't seem to be enough and some days it feels like the only place in Vancouver where you can find love winning the battle against indifference and intolerance.